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February Men's College Basketball

  • Feb. 1

    Penn State at Michigan State, BTN, noon

    Iowa at Illinois, BTN, 2

    Virginia at Duke, FSN, 2

    Feb. 2

    Connecticut at Louisville, ESPN, 7

    Kansas at Baylor, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 3

    Purdue at Ohio State, ESPN, 7

    Maryland at North Carolina, ESPN2, 8

    BYU at Air Force, Mtn, 8

    South Carolina at Florida, ESPN, 9

    Wyoming at New Mexico, CBSC, 10

    San Diego State at UNLV, Mtn, 10:30

    Feb. 4

    Iowa at Indiana, BTN, 6:30

    West Virginia at Syracuse, ESPN, 7

    Boston College at Virginia, ESPNU, 7

    Houston at Central Florida, CBSC, 7

    Wake Forest at Miami (Fla.), ESPN2, 7:30

    Utah at TCU, Mtn, 7:30

    Minnesota at Michigan State, BTN, 8:30

    Memphis at SMU, CBSC, 9

    Duke at Clemson, ESPN, 9

    Missouri at Texas, ESPN2, 9:30

    Feb. 5

    Penn State at Michigan, BTN, 7

    Georgia Tech at N.C. State, ESPNU, 7

    Illinois at Wisconsin, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    St. John's at Seton Hall, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Arizona State at Oregon, FSN, 10:30

    Gonzaga at Portland, ESPN2, 11

    Feb. 7

    Syracuse at Villanova, ESPN, noon

    Mississippi at Vanderbilt, CBS, 1

    Notre Dame at UCLA, CBS, 1

    Texas at Nebraska, ESPN2, 2

    Oklahoma State at Kansas, ABC, 3:30

    Indiana at Michigan State, ESPN, 4

    Utah at Wyoming, Mtn, 4

    Tulane at Marshall, CBSC, 5

    Northwestern at Iowa, BTN, 6

    Michigan at Connecticut, ESPN, 6

    Minnesota at Ohio State, BTN, 8

    UNLV at New Mexico, CBSC, 8

    Memphis at Gonzaga, ESPN, 9

    TCU at Colorado State, Mtn, 9

    Air Force at San Diego State, CBSC, 10

    Washington State at California, FSN, 10:30

    South Alabama at Western Kentucky, ESPN2, TBA

    Feb. 8

    Purdue at Illinois, CBS, 1

    Wisconsin at Penn State, BTN, 3

    Saint Joseph's at Massachusetts, CBSC, 3

    Washington at Stanford, FSN, 5:30

    Maryland at Georgia Tech, FSN, 7:30

    Feb. 9

    West Virginia at Pittsburgh, ESPN, 7

    Kansas at Missouri, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 10

    Michigan State at Michigan, ESPN, 7

    Marquette at Villanova, ESPN2, 7:30

    Indiana at Minnesota, BTN, 9

    Florida at Kentucky, ESPN, 9

    TCU at UNLV, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 11

    Penn State at Purdue, BTN, 6:30

    Syracuse at Connecticut, ESPN, 7

    Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, ESPNU, 7

    Tulsa at Memphis, CBSC, 8

    Colorado State at BYU, Mtn, 8

    Iowa at Wisconsin, BTN, 8:30

    North Carolina at Duke, ESPN, 9

    New Mexico at Air Force, CBSC, 10

    San Diego State at Utah, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 12

    Louisville at Notre Dame, ESPN/ESPN2, 7

    Illinois at Northwestern, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    UCLA at Arizona State, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Southern California at Arizona, FSN, 10:30

    Gonzaga at Saint Mary's, ESPN2, 11

    Feb. 13

    Villanova at West Virginia, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 14

    Georgetown at Syracuse, ESPN, noon

    Kentucky at Arkansas, CBS, 1

    UCLA at Arizona, CBS, 1

    Colgate at American, ESPNU, 1

    Minnesota at Penn State, BTN, 1:30

    Texas at Colorado, ESPN, 2

    Colorado Christian

    at Metro State (Colo.), CBSC, 3

    Oregon at Washington, FSN, 3

    Florida at Georgia, ABC, 3:30

    Kansas at Kansas State, ABC, 3:30

    Purdue at Iowa, BTN, 4

    Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, ESPN, 4

    Air Force at Utah, Mtn, 4

    Memphis at Southern Mississippi, CBSC, 5

    Stanford at California, FSN, 5

    BYU at TCU, Mtn, 7:30

    Ohio State at Wisconsin, ESPN, 9

    Wyoming at San Diego State, Mtn, 10

    Gonzaga at San Francisco, ESPNU, 11

    Feb. 15

    Illinois at Indiana, CBS, 1

    Michigan at Northwestern, BTN, 3

    Duke at Boston College, FSN, 5:30

    North Carolina at Miami (Fla.), FSN, 7:45

    Southern California at Arizona State, FSN, 10

    Feb. 16

    Pittsburgh at Connecticut, ESPN, 7

    Feb. 17

    Michigan State at Purdue, ESPN, 7

    Maryland at Clemson, ESPN2, 7:30

    Kentucky at Vanderbilt, ESPN, 9

    New Mexico at BYU, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 18

    Penn State at Illinois, BTN, 7

    Miami (Fla.) at Florida State, ESPNU, 7

    Notre Dame at West Virginia, ESPN2, 7:30

    SMU at Memphis, CBSC, 8

    Utah at Colorado State, Mtn, 8

    Ohio State at Northwestern, BTN, 9

    UNLV at Wyoming, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 19

    Minnesota at Michigan, BTN, 7

    Duke at St. John's, ESPN, 7

    Rutgers at Villanova, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Wisconsin at Indiana, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Hawaii at Fresno State, ESPN2, 11

    San Diego at Saint Mary's, ESPNU, 11

    Washington at UCLA, FSN, 11

    Feb. 21

    BracketBuster Saturday:

    11 games, ESPN2 and ESPNU matchups announced Feb. 2

    Big Ten game, BTN/ESPN, noon, 1 or 2

    Army at Navy, CBS, 1

    Tennessee at Kentucky, CBS, 1

    Northwest Missouri State

    at Central Missouri, CBSC, noon

    Southern Mississippi at UAB, CBSC, 2

    Marquette at Georgetown, ESPN, 2

    Washington State at UCLA, FSN, 3

    San Diego State at New Mexico, Versus, 3

    North Carolina at Maryland, ABC, 3:30

    TCU at Wyoming, Mtn, 3:30

    Oklahoma at Texas, ESPN, 9

    Colorado State at Air Force, Mtn, 9

    BYU at UNLV, CBSC, 11

    Pepperdine at Gonzaga, ESPNU, 11:30

    Feb. 22

    Big Ten game, BTN/ESPN, noon, 1 or 2

    Lafayette at Lehigh, ESPNU, noon

    Big Ten game, CBS, 1

    Villanova at Syracuse, CBS, 1

    Northwestern at Minnesota, BTN, 3 or 7

    Michigan at Iowa, BTN, 5

    Wake Forest at Duke, FSN, 7:30

    Arizona at Arizona State, FSN, 10

    Feb. 23

    Louisville at Georgetown, ESPN, 7

    Kansas at Oklahoma, ESPN, 9

    Feb. 24

    Penn State at Ohio State, ESPN, 7

    TCU at New Mexico, Mtn, 8:30

    Florida at LSU, ESPN, 9

    Florida State at Boston College, ESPN2, 9

    BYU at San Diego State, Mtn, 10:30

    Texas A&ampM at Nebraska, ESPN2, TBA

    Feb. 25

    Northwestern at Indiana, BTN, 6:30

    Connecticut at Marquette, ESPN, 7

    Virginia Tech at Clemson, ESPN2, 7:30

    Wyoming at Colorado State, Mtn, 8

    Iowa at Michigan State, BTN, 8:30

    Duke at Maryland, ESPN, 9

    Kansas State at Missouri, ESPNU, 9

    Texas Tech at Texas, ESPN2, 9:30

    UNLV at Utah, Mtn, 10

    Feb. 26

    Minnesota at Illinois, BTN, 7

    West Virginia at Cincinnati,

    ESPN/ESPN2, 7

    Purdue at Michigan, ESPN/ESPN2, 9

    Gonzaga at Santa Clara, ESPN2, 11

    Feb. 28

    Georgia Tech at North Carolina, CBS, noon

    Georgetown at Villanova, ESPN, noon

    Iowa at Northwestern, BTN, 2

    Notre Dame at Connecticut, CBS, 2

    Wheeling (W.Va.) Jesuit

    at West Liberty State (W.Va.), CBSC, 3

    Pacific-10 game TBA, FSN, 3

    Duke at Virginia Tech, ABC, 3:30

    LSU at Kentucky, CBS, 4

    Big Ten game, ESPN/CBS, 4 or 8

    Utah at BYU, CBSC, 5

    Texas at Oklahoma State, ESPN, 6

    Wyoming at Air Force, Mtn, 6

    Gonzaga at San Diego, ESPN2, 7:30

    San Diego State at TCU, Mtn, 8:30

    UCLA at California, ESPN, 9

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NCAA Basketball Betting Terms

Straight Bet

A bet on a single result or outcome.


A bet on 2 or more teams or outcomes where all selections must be correct for the bet to win.


A bet on whether the combined total of the points scored by the two teams will exceed or be less than a specified number given.


A teaser is a group of straight bets or totals combined into one bet. On the teaser line you bet against for each individual wager is moved to your favor by the number of points of the teaser that can be from 4-9 points.




The handicap given by the favorite to the underdog for betting purposes.


Bets placed on an event or outcome taking place some time in the future, e.g. betting during the season on the NBA finals winner.


The amount you must bet to win 100 or the amount you win if you bet 100.


(see Over/Under)
A game where no team or betting option is favorite.


A game which, with the point spread, is tied or when the combined scores of the two teams ties the total.


An abbreviated form of point spread.